R25: Skills Development Courses

Project Title FOA Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name
Genomic Competencies for Nurses from Theory to Application: An Online Long Course PAR-19-185 1R25HG011228-01A1 KRONK, REBECCA ANN DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY
CSHL Computational Genomics Course PAR-19-185 5R25HG007819-08 STEWART, DAVID J. COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY
CSHL Programming for Biology Course PAR-19-185 5R25HG007825-08 STEWART, DAVID J. COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY
Advanced Gene Mapping Course PAR-19-185 5R25HG007511-08 LEAL, SUZANNE M ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY
The Jackson Laboratory’s Workshop on Long-Read Genomic Technologies PAR-16-090 5R25HG010611-03 WEI, CHIA-LIN JACKSON LABORATORY
Epigenomics Workshop for Graduate Students PAR-19-185 1R25HG011020-01A1 POSPISILIK, JOHN ANDREW VAN ANDEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE
Reproducible and FAIR Bioinformatics Analysis of Omics Data PAR-19-185 1R25HG011447-01 STANTON, BRUCE A. MOUNT DESERT ISLAND BIOLOGICAL LAB
Workshops on Genomics and Next Generation Computational Statistics for Big Data PAR-19-185 1R25HG011845-01 SOBEL, ERIC UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES

R25: Research Education and Resource Development Programs

Project Title FOA Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name
UCSC Research Mentoring Internship Program: An Initiative to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in Genomics Research PAR-16-345 5R25HG006836-09 BROOKS, ANGELA NORIE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ
Genomics Summer Research for Minorities: A Pathway to Promote Diversity in Science Research PAR-16-345 5R25HG009886-04 YOST, H. JOSEPH UNIVERSITY OF UTAH
Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics: Diversity Action Plan (DAP) PAR-16-345 5R25HG010612-03 GIBBS, RICHARD A BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE
Genomics Diversity Summer Program (GDSP) at Stanford PAR-16-345 5R25HG010857-03 SNYDER, MICHAEL P. STANFORD UNIVERSITY
Diversity Action Plan at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) Genomics Program (DAPPG) PAR-16-345 5R25HG010323-04 BUCAN, MAJA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA
Summer Scholars Program in Genome Sciences and Medicine PAR-16-345 5R25HG009644-05 HAGA, SUSANNE B DUKE UNIVERSITY
Expanding Opportunities in Genomic Research for Underrepresented Students PAR-19-380 2R25HG006687-09 MITRA, ROBI D WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
Diversity Action Plan: UW GenOM Project PA-18-591 3R25HG007153-08S1 EICHLER, EVAN UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
Diversity Action Plan for Mouse Genome Database PAR-13-063 5R25HG007053-08 BULT, CAROL J JACKSON LABORATORY
Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences in Genomic Medicine (SURE-GM) PAR-16-345 5R25HG010028-03 KORF, BRUCE R UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM
Diversity Action Plan: UW GenOM Project PAR-13-063 5R25HG007153-08 EICHLER, EVAN UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
Programs for the Training and Advancement of the Next GENeration of Native Researchers in Genetics, Ethics and Society PAR-16-345 5R25HG010132-04 SPICER, PAUL G UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA NORMAN
Expanding the impact of the Summer internship for INdigenous peoples in Genomics (SING) short course PAR-16-090 5R25HG007158-08 MALHI, RIPAN S UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Genomic Research. PAR-19-380 2R25HG006682-09 BIRREN, BRUCE W. BROAD INSTITUTE, INC.
GURU: Graduate and Undergraduate Researchers of UCEER PAR-16-345 5R25HG010020-04 TABERY, JAMES UNIVERSITY OF UTAH
Clinical Research Education in Genome Science (CREiGS) PAR-19-185 5R25HG011021-02 BENN, EMMA KATHERINE TARA ICAHN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AT MOUNT SINAI
Enhancing Diversity among Future ELSI Researchers PAR-16-345 5R25HG010026-04 MATHEWS, DEBRA JH JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY
Translation and Integration of Genomics is Essential to Doctoral Nursing: “TIGER” PAR-19-185 1R25HG011018-01A1 CONNORS, LAURIE M VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY

R13: Support for Scientific Conferences

Project Title FOA Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name
Non-Coding RNAs: Biology and Applications PA-20-207 1R13HG011824-01 JARVIS, THALE CROSS KEYSTONE SYMPOSIA
Data Lakes Meet the Great Lakes: Deep Dives into Diversity in Genomics PA-18-648 1R13HG011436-01 CRAWFORD, DANA C CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY
The International Mammalian Genome Conference PA-16-294 5R13HG002394-20 BEIER, DAVID R. INTERNATIONAL MAMMALIAN GENOME SOCIETY
African Society of Human Genetics (AfSHG) PA-18-648 1R13HG011415-01 WILLIAMS, SCOTT MATTHEW CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY
NHGRI Research Training and Career Development Annual Meeting PA-20-207 1R13HG011814-01 GINSBURG, GEOFFREY S DUKE UNIVERSITY
CSHL Network Biology Conference PA-18-648 1R13HG011550-01 STEWART, DAVID J. COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY
CSHL The Biology of Genomes Conference PA-16-294 5R13HG003676-17 STEWART, DAVID J. COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY
Centromere Biology Gordon Research Conference PA-18-648 1R13HG011198-01 CHEESEMAN, IAIN MCPHERSON WHITEHEAD INSTITUTE FOR BIOMEDICAL RES
FASEB’s “The Yeast Chromosome Biology and Cell Cycle Conference” PA-18-648 1R13HG011191-01 RAGHURAMAN, MOSUR K FEDERATION OF AMER SOC FOR EXPER BIOLOGY
Symposium on Advances in Genomics, Epidemiology, and Statistics (SAGES) PA-18-648 5R13HG007809-05 ALMASY, LAURA A. CHILDREN’S HOSP OF PHILADELPHIA
Higher-Order Chromatin Architecture in Time and Space PA-18-648 1R13HG010979-01 JARVIS, THALE CROSS KEYSTONE SYMPOSIA
2021 RNA Editing Gordon Research Conference & Seminar PA-18-648 1R13HG011566-01 BEAL, PETER A. GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCES
iDASH Genome Privacy and Security Workshop (secure genome analysis competition) PA-18-648 5R13HG009072-04 OHNO-MACHADO, LUCILA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO