NHGRI is pleased to provide the following funding announcement for the Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing RFA:

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute for Allied and Infectious Diseases is soliciting applications to accelerate innovation and early development in the emerging field of single-molecule protein sequencing (SMPS).  The initiative is seeking novel technologies or major improvements to existing technologies. The short-term goal is technological improvements that lead to a significant increase in one or more combinations of throughput, cost, accuracy, sensitivity, dynamic range, and scale.  The long-term goal is to achieve technological advances that enable generation of protein sequencing data at sufficient scale, speed, cost and accuracy to use routinely in studies of genome biology and function, and in biomedical and clinical research in general.

There are three Funding Opportunity Announcements: for R01 (RFA-HG-21-001), R21 (RFA-HG-002) and R43/44 (PAR-21-247) mechanisms.  Links to these FOAs can also be found here. The first due date for these FOAs is October 1, 2021.