NHGRI Technology Development Coordinating Center

Stimulating an interactive culture among Genome Technology Development grantees that

supports greater productivity through collaboration.

Purpose & Goals

Advances in genomic technologies and methods have facilitated research that is producing significant insights into biology and disease. To further these advances, NHGRI supports the Genome Technology program, which aims to accelerate innovation, development, and early dissemination of genomic technologies. The development of completely novel approaches and the refinement of current technologies to achieve orders-of-magnitude improvements are foundational goals of the program. With these goals in mind, the Genome Technology program consists of a growing set of interrelated efforts that enable novel and refined technologies to proceed through discovery and development, towards commercialization and clinical utilization.

Nucleic Acid Sequencing Technology Development

The goal of this initiative is to develop new technologies and improve the quality and efficiency of DNA sequencing and direct RNA sequencing through the support of approaches and instrumentation that will significantly advance the field of genomics.

Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing Technology Development

The goal of this initiative is to catalyze technology development in single-molecule protein sequencing that enable generation of protein sequencing data at sufficient scale, speed, cost and accuracy to use routinely in studies of genome biology and function, and in biomedical and clinical research in general.

Novel Genomic Technology Development

This initiative seeks to catalyze the development and advancement of new technologies that can comprehensively analyze genomic features such as methods to evaluate gene regulation and nuclear organization, and the dynamics of genomic features in single and mixed populations of cells (excluding nucleic acid sequencing technologies).

Synthetic Nucleic Acid Technology Development

This initiative is focused on supporting the advancement of novel technologies and methods to inexpensively and accurately synthesize specified sequences of nucleic acids and synthetic constructs at the scale needed for genomics-based research.

The NHGRI Technology Development Coordinating Center will develop an infrastructure to address the need for closer interactions between these efforts. This will enable opportunities for collaboration among grantees, accelerated technology innovation, and improved dissemination of program advances and resources to the broader biomedical research community.

Outreach Events

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and Technology Development Coordinating Center (TDCC) invite you to join a live, virtual series with industry leaders and genome technology developers and users. Recent improvements in the efficiency, accuracy, and complexity of genomic analyses have been driven by new technological advances. The objective of this live, virtual outreach series is to provide postsecondary students, postdoctoral associates/fellows and biomedical researchers with a fundamental understanding of how these new technologies are utilized, as well as emerging opportunities and challenges associated with their optimization and use.