Epigenetic Analysis

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Project Title Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name Publications TDCC Status
Mapping proximal and distal splicing-regulatory elements HG012359 ZHANG, CHAOLIN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES View publication Active
Rapid NGS Method for Mapping of the Epitranscriptome HG012534 STENGEL, GUDRUN ALIDA BIOSCIENCES, INC. View publication Active
Multiplexed Analysis of the Epitranscriptome HG012170 STENGEL, GUDRUN ALIDA BIOSCIENCES, INC. View publication Active
Ultrasensitive multiomic platform using epitope-targeted DNA methylation mapping HG011875 KEOGH, MICHAEL-CHRISTOPHER (contact); VENTERS, BRYAN J EPICYPHER, INC. View publication Active
Tagmentation-based Indexing for Methylation Sequencing as a novel method of high-throughput methylation clock measurement HG011850 SINCLAIR, DAVID A HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL View publication Active
Nanopore based profiling of epigenetic state HG009190 TIMP, WINSTON GEORGE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Development of methods for multi-omic analysis of DNA methylation and chromatin architecture in single cells HG010634 ECKER, JOSEPH R (contact); DIXON, JESSE R SALK INSTITUTE FOR BIOLOGICAL STUDIES View publication Active
Non-destructive epigenetic sequencing with DNA deaminase enzymes HG010646 KOHLI, RAHUL MANU (contact); WU, HAO UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA View publication Active
A single cell spatial genomics platform for multi-modal characterization of tissue organization HG010647 CHEN, FEI (contact); MACOSKO, EVAN Z BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. View publication Active
Integrative single-cell spatial genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenetic imaging in mammalian tissue HG011245 WANG, SIYUAN YALE UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Development of efficient quantitative chromatin profiling in kit and high-throughput formats HG010640 VENTERS, BRYAN J (contact); KEOGH, MICHAEL-CHRISTOPHER EPICYPHER, INC. View publication Complete
A transposase system for integrative ChIP-exo and ATAC-seq analysis at single-cell resolution HG010211 ZEITLINGER, JULIA STOWERS INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH View publication Complete
Drop-BS: high-throughput single-cell bisulfite sequencing on a microfluidic droplet platform HG010195 LU, CHANG VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INST AND ST UNIV View publication Complete
Epi-seq: Multiplexed ChIP-seq for personalized medicine and drug discovery HG010237 JELINEK, MARY ANNE ACTIVE MOTIF, INC. View publication Complete
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