Functional Genomics

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Project Title Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name Publications TDCC Status
Next generation massively multiplexed combinatorial genetic screens HG012351 MALI, PRASHANT (contact); IDEKER, TREY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO View publication Active
Mechanisms of Transcriptional Control Revealed by Nascent Transcript Sequencing HG007173 CHURCHMAN, LEE STIRLING HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL View publication Active
Bi-functional photo-crosslinking (BFPX) for genome-wide study of protein-nucleic acid interactions HG012419 CHEN, LIN UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA View publication Active
Extensive multiplexing of protein nucleic-acid interactions to comprehensively study gene expression regulation from chromatin to mRNA degradation HG012216 JOVANOVIC, MARKO (contact); GUTTMAN, MITCHELL COLUMBIA UNIV NEW YORK MORNINGSIDE View publication Active
Mapping the dynamics of mouse neurogenesis in autism models using high-resolution genomic barcoding technologies HG012357 KALHOR, REZA JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Targets and functions of the mammalian snoRNAome HG012780 PAN, TAO (contact); HE, CHUAN UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO View publication Active
CRISPR-based genome tagging of iPS Cells for stain-free multicolor live cell analysis HG012241 PEREZ-LEAL, OSCAR TEMPLE UNIV OF THE COMMONWEALTH View publication Active
Single-cell and single-molecule profiling of protein-DNA interactions by MACHA HG012423 POTT, SEBASTIAN (contact); IKEGAMI, KOHTA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO View publication Active
Methods for Mapping Genetic Regulatory Elements in Single Cells and Single Molecules HG012383 STREETS, AARON UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY View publication Active
High-throughput analysis of the effects of gene promoters and chromosomal environments on single-cell gene expression HG012304 COHEN, BARAK A WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY View publication Active
A scalable kit-based assay for multi-omic analyses of transcriptional protein binding and chromatin interactions from ultra-low input frozen and FFPE samples at single-cell resolution HG011897 SCHMITT, ANTHONY ARIMA GENOMICS, INC. View publication Active
High-throughput detection of transcriptomic and epitranscriptomic variation and kinetics using MarathonRT HG011868 PYLE, ANNA MARIE (contact); GRAVELEY, BRENTON R YALE UNIVERSITY View publication Active
STAMP technology to enable single-cell and isoform-sensitive detection of RBP sites HG011864 YEO, EUGENE WEI-MING UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO View publication Active
High-throughput development and characterization of compact tools for transcriptional and chromatin perturbations HG011866 BINTU, LACRAMIOARA (contact); BASSIK, MICHAEL C STANFORD UNIVERSITY View publication Active
RNA targeting tools with novel specific RNA-guided RNA-targeting CRISPR effectors HG011857 GOOTENBERG, JONATHAN SAMUEL (contact); ABUDAYYEH, OMAR O MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY View publication Active
Protein tagging at scale to enable functional genomic studies HG011855 CHAVEZ, ALEJANDRO COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES View publication Active
TempO-Seq Profiling of RNA Epitranscriptomic Modifications HG009763 SELIGMANN, BRUCE E. BIOSPYDER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. View publication Active
Mapping gene-by-environment interactions using multiplexed single cell RNA-sequencing HG011239 YE, CHUN JIMMIE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO View publication Active
Arrayed single-cell readout of pooled genetic perturbation libraries HG009283 BLAINEY, PAUL CLARK BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. View publication Complete
Next-generation Functional Genetic Screening of Un-screenable Traits HG009285 MALI, PRASHANT (contact); TAMAYO, PABLO ; ZHANG, KUN UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO View publication Complete
Programmable RNA-targeting tools HG009761 ZHANG, FENG BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. View publication Complete
AVATAR: highly parallel analysis of variation in transcription factors and their DNA binding sites HG010200 BULYK, MARTHA L BRIGHAM AND WOMEN’S HOSPITAL View publication Complete
Circular RNA as a platform for genome-wide microRNA sponge libraries HG011214 PICKERING, BRIAN FREDERICK CHIMERNA THERAPEUTICS INC. View publication Complete
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