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Project Title Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name Publications TDCC Status
A quick, and robust, and unbiased platform for circular RNAs isolation, discovery and profiling. HG013073 KHADE, PRASHANT K RIBO-THERAPEUTICS LLC View publication Active
Mapping proximal and distal splicing-regulatory elements HG012359 ZHANG, CHAOLIN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES View publication Active
Rapid NGS Method for Mapping of the Epitranscriptome HG012534 STENGEL, GUDRUN ALIDA BIOSCIENCES, INC. View publication Active
Multiplexed Analysis of the Epitranscriptome HG012170 STENGEL, GUDRUN ALIDA BIOSCIENCES, INC. View publication Active
Targets and functions of the mammalian snoRNAome HG012780 PAN, TAO (contact); HE, CHUAN UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO View publication Active
High-throughput detection of transcriptomic and epitranscriptomic variation and kinetics using MarathonRT HG011868 PYLE, ANNA MARIE (contact); GRAVELEY, BRENTON R YALE UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Mapping gene-by-environment interactions using multiplexed single cell RNA-sequencing HG011239 YE, CHUN JIMMIE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO View publication Active
RNA targeting tools with novel specific RNA-guided RNA-targeting CRISPR effectors HG011857 GOOTENBERG, JONATHAN SAMUEL (contact); ABUDAYYEH, OMAR O MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY View publication Complete
Programmable RNA-targeting tools HG009761 ZHANG, FENG BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. View publication Complete
Circular RNA as a platform for genome-wide microRNA sponge libraries HG011214 PICKERING, BRIAN FREDERICK CHIMERNA THERAPEUTICS INC. View publication Complete
TempO-Seq Profiling of RNA Epitranscriptomic Modifications HG009763 SELIGMANN, BRUCE E. BIOSPYDER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. View publication Complete
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