Single-Cell Methods

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Project Title Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name Publications TDCC Status
Light-Seq: Spatially targeted profiling of transcriptomic states in cells and tissue HG012926 YIN, PENG HARVARD UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Scalable, quantitative, single-cell CRISPR screens HG012230 NORMAN, THOMAS SLOAN-KETTERING INST CAN RESEARCH View publication Active
Mapping the dynamics of mouse neurogenesis in autism models using high-resolution genomic barcoding technologies HG012357 KALHOR, REZA JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Single-cell and single-molecule profiling of protein-DNA interactions by MACHA HG012423 POTT, SEBASTIAN (contact); IKEGAMI, KOHTA UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO View publication Active
Methods for Mapping Genetic Regulatory Elements in Single Cells and Single Molecules HG012383 STREETS, AARON UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY View publication Active
High-throughput analysis of the effects of gene promoters and chromosomal environments on single-cell gene expression HG012304 COHEN, BARAK A WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Tagmentation-based Indexing for Methylation Sequencing as a novel method of high-throughput methylation clock measurement HG011850 SINCLAIR, DAVID A HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL View publication Active
STAMP technology to enable single-cell and isoform-sensitive detection of RBP sites HG011864 YEO, EUGENE WEI-MING UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO View publication Active
Mapping gene-by-environment interactions using multiplexed single cell RNA-sequencing HG011239 YE, CHUN JIMMIE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO View publication Active
Arrayed single-cell readout of pooled genetic perturbation libraries HG009283 BLAINEY, PAUL CLARK BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. View publication Complete
A transposase system for integrative ChIP-exo and ATAC-seq analysis at single-cell resolution HG010211 ZEITLINGER, JULIA STOWERS INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH View publication Complete
Massively Parallel Single Cell Detection of Rare Variants with Split-Pool Combinatorial Indexing HG011229 KENNEDY, SCOTT ROBERT (contact); SEELIG, GEORG UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON View publication Complete
Orthocoding for Spatial Sequencing HG011231 SALZMAN, JULIA; FORDYCE, POLLY MORRELL; ROHATGI, RAJAT STANFORD UNIVERSITY View publication Complete
Drop-BS: high-throughput single-cell bisulfite sequencing on a microfluidic droplet platform HG010195 LU, CHANG VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INST AND ST UNIV View publication Complete
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