Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing

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Project Title Project Number Contact PI / Project Leader Organization Name Publications TDCC Status
Single molecule oligopeptide fingerprinting based on templated self-assembly of oligonucleotide structures HG012543 HESS, HENRY COLUMBIA UNIV NEW YORK MORNINGSIDE View publication Active
Designed nanopores for single-molecule protein sequencing HG012554 MAGLIA, GIOVANNI GRONINGEN UNIVERSITY View publication Active
Structural profiling of native proteins using fluorosequencing, a single molecule protein sequencing technology HG012561 SWAMINATHAN, JAGANNATH ERISYON INC View publication Active
Long-read single-molecule protein sequencing on an array of unfoldase-coupled nanopores HG012545 NIVALA, JEFFREY MATTHEW UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON View publication Active
Single-molecule protein sequencing by iterative isolation and identification of N-terminal amino acids HG012563 ESTANDIAN, DANIEL MASAO GLYPHIC BIOTECHNOLOGIES, INC. View publication Active
Single Molecule Protein Sequencing using Nanopores and Deep-UV Raman Spectroscopy HG012549 FREEDMAN, KEVIN UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE View publication Active
Towards Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing with Nanopores HG012544 GUNDLACH, JENS (contact); DEKKER, CEES UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON View publication Active
Direct Electrical Measurement of Proteasome Activity for Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing HG012538 LINDSAY, STUART ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY-TEMPE CAMPUS View publication Active
Dual Reader Protein Sequencing HG012559 ERVIN, ERIC ELECTRONIC BIOSCIENCES, INC. View publication Active
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